Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is the covering of the designs that reflect the corporate identity of the brands on the outer body of the vehicles. In this process, the design is processed as digital printing. The rendered design is professionally covered on the vehicle. This process should be applied by specialist personnel in the field of vehicle wrapping.

A vehicle covered with advertising images is considered one of the most effective advertising methods, as it constantly circulates in traffic. During the day, tens of thousands of potential customers will see this tool and will be under the influence of advertising. That is why it is one of the advertising methods that should definitely be applied.

Vehicle Dressing Techniques

Vehicle wrapings are made with three techniques: door logo, regional cladding and complete cladding. It is covered on the vehicle’s doors in the door logo technique. This technique is generally preferred by companies. In the regional dressing technique, a certain area such as the trunk lid and hood is covered with an advertisement image. In the complete dressing technique, the entire vehicle is covered with advertisements. It is widely used in vehicles such as buses, minibuses, subways.

Vehicle Wrapping Benefits

Vehicle wrapping is a very effective advertising method that is evaluated within the scope of outdoor advertising. It reaches tens of thousands of people a day. The features of the relevant technique are listed below:

  • As the vehicle is on the go, it reaches many potential customers.
  • It contributes to the business in developing brand awareness.
  • It is quite cost-effective considering its performance.

What Do We Offer in Vehicle Dressing Services?

Before the vehicle wrapping application, we study your brand identity and then make the most suitable design for your brand image. We realize the perfect application with your approval. We offer the best vehicle wrapping solution for you with our creative, original and experienced team.

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