Aluminum Label

Aluminum Label

An aluminum label is a method of giving color by screen printing on aluminum sheets. It is more economical and durable than other techniques. It easily adheres to the application surface. The most important feature of this type of label is that it is resistant to environmental factors and has a long life. It can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses. The advantages of aluminum labels are as follows:

  • It has high resistance to sun rays.
  • It is not affected by chemical products and cleaning materials.
  • It preserves its color and brightness for a long time.
  • It is resistant to moisture and high temperature.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.

Types of Aluminum Labels

Micron Aluminum Label

Micron aluminum label is a special type of aluminum label. The high quality of the materials used in its production ensures its longevity. The use of a special type of coating and appropriate paints increases the quality of the product. As a result of printing on aluminum, the ink is absorbed into the material by penetrating it. The paint stuck in the pores of the aluminum material does not cause deterioration as it is never erased.

Anodized Aluminum Label

Anodized aluminum (electrolytic oxidation of aluminum) is aluminum that has been machined to produce an extremely durable surface. Anodized aluminum is three times harder than raw material. It is 60% lighter than other metals such as stainless steel and copper. We apply anodized aluminum labels in requested thickness and color.

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