Totem Pole Sign

What is totem pole sign

They are long and large signboards with a pole under them, made for announcement, advertisement, promotion and advertisement purposes. Shape, size, recognizability etc. It is one of the outdoor advertising methods that stand out with its features. For this reason, businesses apply totem sign method in order to increase brand awareness. It is generally used in areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic such as streets, roadsides, and around shopping centers. A well-designed totem sign draws the attention of potential customers. Its main function is to arouse curiosity on the target audience and direct them to the relevant company. In terms of cost, it may seem high in the short term, but it is quite affordable when considered in the long term.

How Totem Sign Should Be?

How Totem Sign Should Be? The size of the sign differs according to the distance from the designated location. In addition, the floor on which it will be mounted should be reinforced by pouring concrete. The materials used in its production are the most decisive factor on the life of the product. Thanks to the use of quality and robust materials, it exhibits a durable stance even in the toughest weather conditions. It can be designed with or without light. Being illuminated greatly increases its visibility at night.

The advantages it provides to businesses are listed below:

  • It’s spectacular and outstanding. In this way, it attracts the attention of potential customers and directs them to the company.
  • In this way, it attracts the attention of potential customers and directs them to the company.
  • It arouses curiosity in customers.
  • It is quite affordable in the long run.

What are Totem Sign Types?

Totem signage provides a lot of benefits to businesses. Each business should choose the type of signage that best suits them. The types of totem sign are listed below:

  • One-Legged Totem Sign
  • Two-Legged Pole Totem Sign
  • Illuminated Pole Totem Sign
  • Unilluminated Pole Totem Sign
  • Composite Pole Totem Sign
  • Aluminum Pole Totem Sign
  • Steel Sheet Totem Sign
  • Vinyl Stretch Totem Sigh

Totem Sign Prices

The cost of totem signage differs depending on the type, length and size of the sign. Therefore, standard pricing is hard to make. You can get a price quote by contacting us.

How Does the Process Work in Totem Sign Production?

Before our totem signage application, we obtain corporate information about your brand. Afterwards, we design the most suitable sign for your corporate identity and brand image and present it to your service.

Do you need pole totem sign solution?

We are ready to make the best totem sign for you with our creative, original and experienced team.